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01 Feb 2016
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A passenger on board a plane takes every aspect of his conveyance into criticism be it the service, the seating arrangement or the flight timing. However, the most important aspect of aircraft luxuriousness that is often overlooked is the aircraft seat covers. These covers are the most essential component of any airline since it is on those very seat covers that a passenger spends most of his time sitting on.

Aircraft seat covers are made with hard work and sheer skill. When a customer/passenger steps aboard an airplane, the first thing he observes, is where he is going to sit. Thus, the most important impression falls in the hands of the aircraft seat cover maker.

Bradfor Limited.
Bradfor Limited, established in 1996, in North Ireland, has grown into a medium sized enterprise by making aircraft seat covers, cushions, diaphragms, pouches and straps. Their professionalism and dexterity has earned them many an award such as ADS Bronze Award, Investors In People Award, WIB Awards 2012 and the SGS AS9100 / ISO9001 certification.

Their clients include B/E Aerospace (Northern Ireland, England and U.S.A), Qatar Airways, Aircraft Cabin Maintenance GMBH, Torrington Distributors Incorporated and Sabeti Wain Aerospace among many others.

Their clients are always left satisfied and always come back for whenever they need more manufacturing done.

Let us look at the various aspects of aircraft seat covers that make them important to the passenger and manufacturer alike.

A seat cover should be soft and comfortable so that a passenger does not feel the need to fidget or constantly budge and nudge during the whole journey. This is a common occurrence. Bradfor specializes in making the seat covers that provide the passenger with admirable comfort and relaxation.

Do you not hate it when you see a ripped, a rugged or a shabby aircraft seat cover? It makes you doubt the whole quality and reliability of the aircraft. To save oneself from this embarrassment, one should invest in trust worthy people to make their aircraft seat covers. Bradfor makes seat covers that are not only comfortable, but are also durable and tensile in nature. This provides long lasting ease to the airline owners and gives a good impression to the passengers too.

3.Aesthetically pleasant.
Drab and dull seat covers are the ultimate anti-aphrodisiacs to the passenger’s eye. Bradfor Limited has a professional and experienced team of designers who utilize the latest tools and machines in technology to print exquisite designs on the seat covers to make them look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. This way, the passenger will get both the look and the feel of sitting in a luxurious vehicle.

Bradfor offers a lot of variety of seat covers in terms of designs and fabric for a range of planes like luxury planes, economy planes and business-class planes. The tailoring of the covers is done individually for each model of airplane taking into consideration the context of the aircraft. Moreover, Bradfor offers the client many customizability options and aids in the whole process from development to installation.