The Features of Seats that UK Plane Seat Manufacturers Should Keep in Mind

12 Oct 2015
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The airline seats are the seats found in the airplanes and they accommodate the passengers during their journey. Such seats are normally arranged according to the rows and they run over the fuselage of the airplane. The diagram of such seats within the aircraft is known as the aircraft seat map.

The UK plane seat manufacturers had to updates their seats as the time passes and before the oldest planes had the seats that looked as armchairs and they were seating loosely in a cabin. However, having moving furniture in the planes has been found to be hazardous and this is why they are now fastened at the floor. but at the same time, the airlines wants to be able to move around the seats and to remove them when necessary and this is why the seats are attached using the rails found on the floor and they are found around the fuselage of the aircraft. This makes it easy to the aircraft if they are looking to reconfigure these seatings. For the safety of the passengers, the airlines seats have been equipped with the seatbelt and they have the fasten seatbelt sign that is found on each seat and it lights up always when a passenger need to have his seatbelt on. This happens while landing, taking off, taxiing or when there is turbulence.

There are basic amenities that every seat should have while there are other amenities that are added according to what the clients want. The seats have to be equipped with the reclining mechanism for the comfort. The reclining system can be electrical or mechanical. Many seats also come with the trays used for reading and eating. These trays can be in the class seats, inside the armrest or in the bulkhead. The airlines may also feature the pockets that have in-flight magazine or with the safety instructions.

The short-haul and small aircraft and low cost carriers all these amenities may not be found. For the airlines that have recline seats, there are seats that may have limited recline or no recline at all.

The modern seats may have the following advanced amenities.

For electronics, the seats have to be equipped with the power ports like USB powered socket, DC, AC and EmPower. They are used to charge headphones to use for audio entertainment and for small electrical appliances. There are airlines that have some TV-screens on the back of every seat as one part of the in-flight entertainment system for the airplanes of long haul.

Adjustable headrests: many of long-haul aircraft or short haul with some airlines, they have seats that come with adjustable headrests. This allows the passengers in adjusting the headrest to achieve more comfort.

The adjustable lumbar support is electrically adjustable and they are found with the long haul first class with the business class seat. In rare occasions, the economy can include the mechanical adjustable lumbar support for long haul.

Massage: there are some business class seats that have built in massage feature.

Flat bed and lie flat seating: There are some of the business class cabins which have the seats that may recline to reach to a sloped flat position. They are known as lie flat seats and they allow better comfort compared to the traditional recliner seat but they are not that comfortable like the horizontal flat bed seating. Many international first class flights with growing number of the international business class cabins has the seats that may recline to reach full horizontal flat to form the bed.

Slimline economy seating: many airlines are now using the slimline seats for the economy class. These are the seats that weight less and they allow the airlines in increasing the capacity without having to affect the passenger comfort. Many passengers are against these seats and there is an ongoing investigation to learn about the safety features of these airlines. Such seats may feature or not the moveable headrests and they do not feature the adjustable lumbar support. These slimline seats may be redefined further with the monospar chassis seats that liberate more passenger space. While evaluating the comfort and the size of the seat, the width and the pitch are the terms that are used most of the time. The seating layout of the seat may be wide body or narrow body.